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Download the TBM App!

With a beautiful new look and feel, the To Be Magnetic app makes manifestation seamless with all of our workshops, lessons, and DIs all in one place.

  • TBM On the Go: Download content to watch and listen offline– whenever, wherever. 

  • Build Your Routine: Schedule your workshops and DIs. And set reminders!

  • Save Your Favorites: Make playlists of your favorite content for quick, easy access. 

  • Easily Search: Find the exact tool you need at the exact moment you need it.

  • And More: Brand new workshops, DIs, and more to explore!

The Monthly Check-In Workshop

Your go-to workshop each month. Take inventory, stay consistent, and super-speed your manifestations.
  • Set Intentions for the Month Ahead
  • Take Inventory & Begin Tracking Tests, Triggers, Pings, and More
  • Discover Your Personal Patterning
  • Develop Your Trust Muscle
  • Target Exact Next Steps to Connect with your Manifestations